Women in Information Technology (WiIT) was founded in 2019 with a group of experienced women working in IT field. WIIT is a non-profit organization with the sole aim of advancing women in technology — from the classroom to the boardroom. WIIT meets its vision through a variety of leadership development, technology education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers.

The Group has been involed in different activities to enhance IT knowledge in Girls students, Media group, working and nonworking women as well. The team has been involved in IT training for girls and women. The team has focused for many years at promoting the social, educational and economical development of girls and women, and spend greater efforts in raising women’s awareness to enhance their life, to promote their participation in the decision- making processes, protect their rights and to encourage development. It has launched many projects, which played a prominent role in offering services to girls and women, and contributed in securing working opportunities for them who were in need for assistance.